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never less than half asleep

fibromyalgia. migraines. australian. am lucky enough to have an amazing husband. I also think I have misophonia, but not yet diagnosed. mainly this is a venting space. feel free to talk to me, I shall reply asap. sending relief to all of your pain, may we find an answer soon. hugs and spoons! <3
1: what have you been diagnosed with, (and possibly self diagnosed with)?
2: what will you tend to do at nights, when you can't sleep?
3: worst experience/side effects of a medication?
4: how has your condition impacted your mental health?
5: describe your social life
6: hardest thing to do when you are flaring?
7: your worries for the future?
8: favourite comfort food?
9: tell us a valuable lesson you have learnt, through being unwell?
10: name 3 things that you miss, taken from health limitations?
11: how old were you when you started noticing symptoms?
12: biggest injustice about living with a chronic illness?
13: worst advice you have been given about your health?
14: what items, related to illness, could you not cope without?
15: can you remember being pain free?
16: do you know anyone in real life who shares your condition?
17: one symptom you would love not to have?
18: lovely things said to you and something ignorant/negative, about being sick?
19: are your family supportive, or mostly ignorant to your suffering?
20: describe the feeling after walking up/down stairs
21: any natural supplements, powders or alternative treatments you would recommend others try?
22: what is the biggest thing you would like people to understand about your illness?

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