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a flesh prison

fibromyalgia. migraines. australian. am lucky enough to have an amazing husband. I also think I have misophonia, but not yet diagnosed. mainly this is a venting space. feel free to talk to me, I shall reply asap. sending relief to all of your pain, may we find an answer soon. hugs and spoons! <3

Simultaneously feeling you are asleep 24 hours a day, while feeling you are getting 0 minutes of sleep a day

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    EDS for sure!
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    this (is cfs)
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    Are the seasons changing for you too? Here it’s slowly changing from winter to spring, and it’s making me so very sick,...
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  18. mishadore said: Every night my boyfriend says “sweet dreams or no dreams” and every morning he asks how I slept. It’s always the same answer, that I feel as if I haven’t slept at all, but he is forever hopeful that one day I will say I had a great night’s sleep…
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